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Usability Services
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Web Usability Services

Usability services are those that involve analysing the usability and reviewing your existing website and to make it user friendly and easy to use, thereby converting visitorto buyers. Doing this is not just checking to see if the page is cluttered and if the links work, but checking the layout to see if it meets the expectations of the average user.

Our Web Usability services include checking for Usability testing:

Overall ease of use
Meeting the user’s expectations
Aesthetic aspect
Navigational ease

The unique aspect of our web usability services is the fact that we do not just all of the above tests, we offer performance tests that do not disturb the existing site itself.

The benefits of doing a usability analysis are many and Usability services are being incorporated into the mainstream testing services increasingly. Some of these benefits are:

It helps remove roadblocks that could be hindering the user on your site.
It helps fill any holes in the navigational aspect on the site.
This in turn leads to people coming back onto the site, thus making them loyal to your brand and    to your company
Which then results in increase in credibility and more business for your company
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