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SEO Auditing
SEO Auditing

SEO Auditing

SEO auditing is done to help identify the holes in your site, the controllable factors of the possible reasons that affect the site’s ranking. Why it is really required is a rather redundant question. The better your site performs, the better your business. Once the holes are plugged, the issues solved, the change in the performance is significant and visible.

ProspectZ Online assesses the website and checks on four levels: On page factors, Off page factors, Technical issues that need to be dealt with and finally other miscellaneous details. The Off page factors include the source of the links, what aspects you are lagging behind in comparison to the competitors and directory submissions.

On page work includes URL structure, checking the titles and descriptions, keyword-description, analysis, prominence and proximity and the website architecture. The technical issues that we deal with include domain canonical issues, access file analysis and the like.

The most beneficial aspect of the ProspectZ Online SEO Auditing process is that when we identify the potential areas of improvement and having a list of solutions for it, it is done in such a manner that full advantage of the organic marketing is taken.

Once the analysis is done, the possibility of your site going from a random unranked page to page one is huge.
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